Madebywouter OCE by TheSHoTsHD!

Madebywouter OCE by TheSHoTsHD!Give a like for this awesome OCE! Alot of thanks to the editor : Extra tags: MODERN WARFARE 3, best mw3 shot so far, omfg triple noscope mw3 cod8, funny glitch, wtf lol bug, carepackage on head doesnt die,amazing 8 man quickscope feed, epic reaction, kids jizzing, warning you will jizz, insane 8 man noscope feed, 12 man, 1 shot 5 kills, must see, spray and pray, new clan, best mw3 clip so far, most see, best mw3 clip ever seen, best clip in history, omfg, wow, insane

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